Kiernan Rien

President & Founder

Austin, Texas

Where does the name Blue Cape Digital come from? Well, prior to founding Blue Cape, Kiernan worked for a digital marketing agency. In Round 2 of the interview process he was asked, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” Without skipping a beat, Kiernan replied, “To fly.” Personally, the ability to fly at will, would allow him to be closer to those he loves. Professionally and figuratively, it meant being able to reach people no matter where they were in the world – with design and in marketing. Why Blue? That’s his favorite color.

What about the logo? The Blue Cape Digital logo has three points or angles on the cape. They represent design, marketing and social. The encompassing circle is symbolic for how these components work together. This concept started with the idea of three because of his three best friends, his brothers. And, of course, the surrounding circle symbolizing unity

Our advantage.


Prepared to meet your specialized demands for a competitive edge.


A client's success online begins with conflict-free representation.


Providing clients with exceptional service and results.